Tactics for Creeper World

Some small tips and tricks for Creeper World:

  • You can move your Blaster and Mortars AND your City!
  • Blasters are good for clearing a path through the Creeps
  • Mortars are good against deep pools of Creeps. (but not worth the money if everything is shallow)
  • Move your City in later parts of a level, so energy has only a short way to your new buildings and weapons.
  • New buildings are only build when they are connected to finished buildings. They do only order energy to build when they  are connected, so a „string“ of new buildings will need much more time than a „cluster“.
  • Weapons do have some ammo (red line on top of box), so you can fly them somewhere without connections to the grid, but remember to fly them back.
  • Your weapons and your city do have a health bar, your other buildings do not.
  • Cross canyons with relays.
  • You have some time at your hands? Build reactors and storage.
  • Move your weapons in 2 lines. The first stays still and shoots, the second flies over them to land in front of them, securing the new line.
  • Drones are to take out huge deep amounts of Creeps, for other things they are a waste of energy.
  • Mortars can be used as a „poor mans drone“
  • You need to tell your drones where to attack!
  • Fly a blaster into the Creeps to make room for a relay. Land the next one when your first one is out of ammo and fly the first one back to reload, continue till relay is ready. This is a fast way to cover wide areas.
  • One Blaster near a creeper source is normally enough to stop production of new Creeps.

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