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31 März 2012

#OpenHardware: OpenJoystick

Eine nette Idee, einen Joystick, der komplett OpenSource ist.

Beschreibungstext von der Webseite:

OpenJoystick is a project developing a 3D-printable joystick and throttle for use with flight simulators. The design is centered around making the joystick cheap, easy to assemble and simple to customise. Where-ever possible, commonly available and inexpensive components are used where 3D printed parts would be unsuitable, such as switches, bearings and sensors. The designs of the components are parametric. This means they can be simply modified in a text editor in order to create customised joysticks for different aircraft, left-handed people, or people with limited mobility. The deflection of the joystick is measured using a tri-axis hall effect sensor. This yields great accuracy, reliability and long life, due to non-contact sensing. The 3D models and circuitry used in OpenJoystick are open source under the Gnu Public License. Anyone can visit download the source code and start hacking.

Ich bin mal gespannt, wie das Projekt weitergeht.

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