British police storming the Ecuadorian embassy?

Last update: Ecuador grants asylum!

This Text is OLD and was compiled in the middle of the night. It will not be updated.

This one (@odotm) seems to be standing in front of the building!

It looks like the Britisch police is just storming the Ecuadorian embassy. (Assange is there at the moment in case you do not remember)

These Links all cover the threat against the embassy but not the activities:

On the stream you could see quite a few policemen around the entrance of the building. There were NO special forces or heavily armed policemen to be seen. The stream is down in the moment, but it did not look like a try to forcibly extract Assange from the building. I hope it will stay this way.

There are a few mentions of the police entering the building through a side door. (03:10)

update: on the stream we could see 2 police vans parking in front of the side entrance of the embacy, a few policemen entering the ambassy and then one van leaving. (about 3:50)

Just a stupid(?) idea, maybe Assange is not getting asylum and we just do not know jet and they are giving him to the British police?

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