MarsEffect: Notchs April First Joke getting real as 0x10c

On April 1. Notch did point us in the direction of

A quite silly joke on Mass Effect, but with an ending that does make sense and with waist high walls. The later seemed to have brought much interest to the game, so it seems, he starts to develop the game.

There we go, came up with a name for the space game. It’s a horribly complicated name. We’ll announce it eventually!

That was a productive day! Outlined the backstory for the space game and got the lawyers started on lawyering the name. Now, awesome steak!

Yaaay, the legal stuff is done, and I’ve registered the domain names for the new game! 0x10c

Tweets about 0x10c

Game page

I am quite interested if this will be as big as Minecraft or even bigger. (i think it could be much much bigger since Notch is now well known)

Oh, and it will contain programmable computers, so it will be quite the game for nerds ^^

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