Minecraft RC1 & Minecraft RC2

Prerelease 6 is now old and forgotten. Release Candidate 1 & 2 are out!

(you do need an installed version of Minecraft and overwrite the minecraft.jar file in your directory)

Release candidate 1! Doors can be opened! New sfx! =)http://assets.minecraft.net/rc1/minecraft.jar ( + minecraft_server.jar)


Ok everybody calm down please =) The RC1 we uploaded was incorrect, please fetch RC2 instead!http://assets.minecraft.net/rc2/minecraft.jar



3 Kommentare to “Minecraft RC1 & Minecraft RC2”

  1. can you re-upload RC1?

  2. @stefan
    i am sorry, but since i am neither notch nor jeb and i do not have downloaded the RC1, i am afraid i can not help you.

    why do you need the RC1?

  3. i like keeping the backup versions, i have every version since (and including) 1.7.3.
    This is the first one i’ve missed since i’ve started backing them up.
    Unfortunately i didnt remember to back up the old alpha versions…

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